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The UK Chemotherapy Board has published the following guidance documents:

Guidance and forms for consent for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy 
Guidance on consent for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) and national SACT site- and regimen-specific consent forms. Developed with support from Cancer Research UK, the guidance and forms are intended to support clinicians in ensuring that patients receiving SACT are fully informed when consenting to treatment.They are available on the CRUK website and were last updated in December 2017.

Promoting Early Identification of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies Side Effects: Two Approaches – Good Practice Guideline (September 2016)
Guidance was produced in response to concerns that patients often delay reporting serious SACT side effects. Two complementary approaches to improve side effect reporting are suggested.   

Morbidity and Mortality within 30 days of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy - review of current practice - Standardised Review Process (August 2016)
The importance of having mortality meetings to review deaths within 30 days of treatment with SACT has been established and most trusts have developed their own system for deciding which cases to discuss. The Chemotherapy Board recognised the many current examples of good practice but noted an inconsistency of approach between centres which may limit sharing of learning. It has summarised the key details of the processes currently used and developed a proposed template for an operational policy and pro forma

The UK Chemotherapy Board has issued the following position statements:

Non-surgical cancer treatment workforce - June 2018
Closed-system drug-transfer devices for administration of systemic anti-cancer therapies - July 2018