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Smartphone & tablet apps

We cannot guarantee the information obtained from these apps but provide them for your reference. Please let is know if there any are any other apps that you feel worth including.

# Web Links
1  Cancer Care Ontario Formulary & Symptom Control Apps
  Excellent free apps for iPhone and Windows Mobile. Provide access to the CCO database of oncology drugs and protocols. The second app provides advice on symptom control in cancer patients.
2  Medical News by
  An up to date round up of UK Medical News
3  ONCOassist
  An app for smartphones and the web including nomograms, calculators, and staging information. Requires a subscription, although free for ESMO members.
4  Cancer Emergency Response Tool
  The Cancer Emergency Response Tool (CERT) allows cancer patients to rapidly and effectively manage chemotherapy toxicity and disease-related problems which may require urgent hospital assessment. It is based on the widely used UKONS triage system and is designed to complement hospital-based advice on management of acute oncology.
5  ESMO Cancer Guidelines
  View the excellent ESMO Guidelines on your mobile device.
6  NCCN Guidelines app
  Access the US NCCN Guidelines on your mobile.
7  MicroGuide
  An app some trusts are using to distribute antimicrobial protocols.