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Resources to help you practice and improve the cancer services at your centre or unit. If you have any ideas, information, policies, or protocols which others might find useful please email us so that we can post them here. Take a look at the weblinks in the column on the left hand side of this page which highlight the most useful sites we have found for medical oncologists.

1 Acute oncology: Increasing engagement and visibility in acute care settings

To face the emerging challenge of meeting the needs of acutely presenting cancer patients, the RCR, RCP and the ACP have produced a landmark paper aimed at oncologists, AO teams, trainers, policy makers, trusts and health boards and patients, to nurture and encourage services across the UK. The RCR, RCP and ACP are now collaborating to ensure that the report's recommendations are met.

2 National generic SACT consent forms

CRUK are working with Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to produce national standardised SACT regimen-specific and generic consent forms, which are endorsed by the UK Chemotherapy Board (ACP represented by Dr Janine Mansi). The aim is to support clinicians throughout the UK in ensuring that all patients are fully informed when consenting to SACT.

The UK Chemotherapy Board has also issued guidance for the introduction of the national SACT regimen-specific forms by individual chemotherapy providers.

The consent forms and guidance document are available to download in PDF format. Forms are grouped by tumour-site.  All forms are independently checked by an oncology/haematology pharmacist, oncology/haematology consultant and member of the UK Chemotherapy Board.

All are available on the CRUK website.  

SACT consent forms are reviewed on a rolling basis, however of particular note is the recent review and update of all the breast- and gynaecology-specific forms,  Changes have also been made to some of the individual regimen specific consent forms, in response to updated information or clinicians request for clarity.

3 Personalised Medicine Approach For Fluoropyrimidine-based Therapies - Guidance for DPD testing

New guidance, prepared by Dr Paul Ross at GSTT, has been published by the UK Chemotherapy Board and endorsed by the ACP. It provides recommendations for DPD testing in patients starting a fluoropyrimidine with advice on interpretation of the results.

4 Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ): New Guidance for Oncologists

This guidance has been produced by a multidisciplinary working party on behalf of the UK Chemotherapy Board which includes specialist representation from medical, dental and nursing teams across the UK.

It has been endorsed by the Clinical Standards Committee of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  

In summary, the guidance focuses on all aspects of MRONJ in relation to oncology patients. It aims to fulfil three functions:

Primarily, it is a single source of collective information for oncology teams focused around the prevention and management of MRONJ.

Secondly, it proposes protocols that oncology departments can adapt and amend accordingly to fit local delivery of services.

Thirdly, it provides a series of simple communication adjuncts that can be adapted to assist communication between the oncology multidisciplinary team, patients, dental practitioners and hospital dental specialists.

Collaboration between the cancer care team, dentists and dental specialists is repeatedly emphasised and encouraged throughout the guidance.

Click here for the downloads.

5 Good Practice Guideline for Immuno-Oncology Medicines
6 UKONS Acute Oncology Initial Management Guidelines
7 Organising 30-day SACT mortality meetings at your trust
8 Framework for Provision of Pain Services for Adults Across the UK with Cancer or Life-limiting Disease
9 Improved management of sick patients with newly diagnosed cancer
10 BTS Pulmonary Nodule Guidelines
11 Advising patients on flying and holidays
12 Models of Acute Oncology
13 Improving MDT Meetings
14 Advisory text for GP & patient letters
15 Vinca Alkaloids should be administered by minibag
16 Management of oral chemotherapy