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Membership is open to specialist registrars, consultants and non-career grade doctors who are practicing in Medical Oncology within the UK - for full details of eligibility and other membership categories see below.

ACP Membership is governed by the constitution of the Association (2013) and is currently open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  1. Practising consultants or honorary consultants in the UK who hold hospital appointments as medical oncologists.
  2. Specialist registrars who occupy a training post approved for training in medical oncology (hereafter referred to as “Training Members”).
  3. Non-Career grade doctors (usually Associate specialists or staff-grade doctors) in a permanent post in medical oncology within the UK
  4. Past members who are now fully retired from clinical practice as a consultant or non-career-grade doctor in medical oncology are entitled to membership as a retired member.

A doctor in a medical oncology training post which is not recognised for training, who intends to follow a career in medical oncology may also apply under section 2, but should normally contact the Association Secretary in advance to confirm eligibility ([email protected]), and, in line with the constitution, will need the support of existing ACP members.

Honorary membership is occasionally awarded to an individual who is not eligible for membership through their professional qualification and appointments. Such membership is not open to application.

Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships of the Association are also awarded on merit and is not available for application.

Other membership categories will be developed in the near future, allowing membership for Physician Associaties, undergraduates training in medicine, medical post-graduates in FY and CMT posts, but these categories are not currently available for membership registration.

Associate membership for non-medical oncologists is also under discussion, but is not yet available.

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Alison Norton or secretariat.

The fee is £50 annually for trainees, and £100 per year for consultant grade staff which is lower than many other comparable organisations. More member benefits are being developed all the time, and, as the professional organisation for trainee and consultant Medical Oncologists in the UK, the ACP has an important role in developing and protecting the specialty.

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You should already have received details of our new database from our new association management company, Meeting Makers. To those who have re-registered as members through this database, thank you. For others, please take the time to complete this. If you have not received the message from Meeting Makers, or you have mislaid or deleted it, please let ACP secretary Alison Norton know. The new A...