Representing and supporting medical oncologists in the UK

The Association of Cancer Physicians

The ACP is recognised by the Royal College of Physicians and the Department of Health as the specialty association for medical oncologists. The executive committee is made up of democratically elected clinicians representing the views and concerns of the membership. Membership of the ACP gives medical oncologists an independent voice in the affairs of the Royal College of Physicians, the Joint Collegiate Council for Oncology (JCCO) and the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC), who supervise training and accreditation.

Through this, we:

  • Promote the views and interests of medical oncologists to the DoH and RCP
  • Influence policy on consultant expansion
  • Develop training curricula and the upcoming specialty examination
  • Participate in NICE appraisal and guideline development
  • Encourage the development of best practice to benefit patients
  • Nominate members for National Clinical Excellence Awards

If you are working as a medical oncologist, or a trainee, in the UK then we would urge you to join. Details here.

COVID-19 Resources

To assist clinicians facing the current and significant challenges providing systemic therapies to cancer patients, the ACP is collating links to key relevant documents for medical oncologists.  New and updated documents will be added as they are released but you are advised to familiarise yourself with these resources.

Latest News

BBC Breakfast Interview Prof David Cunningham, ACP Chair

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Professor David Cunningham, ACP Chair, was interviewed on BBC Breakfast to remind anyone who may have symptoms or concerns that they might have cancer to seek medical advice.  Much progress has been made to ensure that hospitals are safe environments to undertake investigations and deliver effective treatments. The NHS is very much open for business.

New RCR/ACP Report on Acute Oncology Services

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A new strategy and guidance paper on Acute Oncology Services, a collaborative report from the RCR, ACP and RCP, has been published.  It outlines how patients benefit from access to a dedicated AOS, highlights the varied, but improving, provision of AOS around the UK, and calls for greater protection, resourcing and clinical leadership of these services.  

ACP Teaching Webinars

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ACP is organising a series of monthly teaching webinars.  For details of topics and dates, please click here.