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Events Calendar

Date Event
15 August 2023 ACP Teaching Webinar (by Zoom) - Colorectal Cancer
29 September 2023 First International Urology Cancer Summit, Portsmouth & online
9 October 2023 AGM AGM by Zoom (members only)
10 October 2023 Immuno-Oncology Study Day, Liverpool
11 October 2023 Royal Marsden Solid Tumour Cell Therapies Preceptorship, London
13 October 2023 Focus on Melanoma Meeting, RCP London
17 October 2023 ACP Teaching Webinar (by Zoom) - Brain Metastases
8-10 November 2023 Spotlight on Colorectal Cancer, St Mark's Academic Institute, London
10 November 2023 ACP/UKAOS Acute Oncology - Challenges and Opportunities, Hilton Leeds City
11-12 November 2023 Annual ACP Trainees Weekend, Hilton Leeds City
15 November 2023 Royal Marsden Annual Lung Cancer Symposium, RCP London
21 November 2023 ACP Teaching Webinar (by Zoom) - Cancer of Unknown Primary
28 November 2023 UK SACT Board Annual Conference, London
12 December 2023 ACP Teaching Webinar (by Zoom) - Early Stage Clinical Trials
1 March 2024 Symposium on Primary Breast Cancer in Older Women, Nottingham
1-2 March 2024 ACP New Consultants Group Weekend, Birmingham
17-19 April 2024 BTOG Annual Conference, ICC Belfast

Please contact us if you have any events, relevant to our members, that you wish added to this calendar.