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ACP Teaching Webinars

The ACP holds a series of monthly live webinars, aimed primarily at trainees and clinical research fellows in medical oncology, however all are very welcome to join.  The webinars are recorded and are available to ACP members following the event.

Webinars are usually scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, starting in October 2020, and held on Zoom from 6-7.30pm.  

The recordings for the webinars are available in the ACP online library, published by EBN Health. This publication platform also includes the multi-award-winning Problem Solving in Oncology series of titles and is a great educational resource, available free of charge to all ACP members.  Full details, including how to register, here.

Webinars are kindly sponsored by Gilead, who have had no input into the programme:


20th October 2020 – Breast Cancer

  • Dr Judy King (Royal Free) - Overview of adjuvant and neoadjuvant systemic therapies in early breast cancer
  • Dr Alicia Okines (Royal Marsden) - Updates in the systemic management of advanced breast cancer

17th November 2020 – Soft Tissue Sarcoma

  • Dr Charlotte Benson (Royal Marsden) – Recent developments in soft tissue sarcoma     
  • Dr Adam Dangoor (Bristol Royal Infirmary) - An overview of SACT for soft tissue sarcoma

15th December 2020 – Medical Oncology Curriculum 2021 Updates

Full recording of webinar here.

  • Dr Jackie Newby (Royal Free)
  • Dr Satinder Jagdev (St James’ Hospital, Leeds)

19th January 2021 – NSCLC

  • Dr Tim Benepal (St George’s Hospital) – Overview of SACT (including chemo and immunotherapy) in advanced NSCLC
  • Professor Samreen Ahmed (Leicester Royal Infirmary) – Overview of molecular drivers and targeted therapies in advanced NSCLC

16th February 2021 - Upper GI

  • Dr Richard Turkington (Queen's University, Belfast) - An overview of SACT for the management of early stage oesophageal cancer
  • Dr Lizzy Smyth (Addenbrooke's, Cambridge) - An overview of SACT for the management of advanced oesophageal cancer

16th March 2021 – Wellbeing and Resilience

  • Dr Susana Banerjee (Royal Marsden) - An introduction to wellbeing and resilience for the oncology workforce
  • Dr Jon Lim (The Christie) - What have we learnt from the COVID-NOW study?
  • Dr Claire Hardy (Lancaster University) - Personal wellbeing and ways to help

20th April 2021 - Genomics

  • Dr Terri McVeigh (Royal Marsden) - Germline cancer genomics
  • Dr Ellen Copson (University of Southampton) - Somatic cancer genomics
  • Genomics Education Programme Demonstration of GeNotes

18th May 2021 - Acute Oncology (joint webinar with RCR)

Full recording of webinar here.

  • Acute Oncology in the UK, where we are and where are we going?
  • Acute Oncology in the new curriculum
  • Acute Oncology Services - Case examples from across the UK

15th June 2021 - Renal and Bladder Cancer

  • Prof Thomas Powles (Barts) - Perioperative therapy in renal and bladder cancer 
  • Dr Balaji Venugopal (Glasgow) - SACT in advanced renal cancer

20th July 2021 - Lymphoma and Stem Cell Transplantation

  • Dr Adam Gibb (Christie) - Updates in high grade B cell lymphoma
  • Dr Beth Phillips (Christie) - Principles of Stem Cell Transplantation

17th August 2021 - Skin Cancer

  • Dr Heather Shaw (UCLH) - Malignant melanoma: systemic therapy in the adjuvant and metastatic settings
  • Dr Joe Sacco (Clatterbridge) - Skin cancers: the rarer subtypes

23rd November 2021 - Immunotherapy Toxicities

  • Dr Anna Olsson-Brown (Clatterbridge) - An overview of immunotoxicities
  • Dr Ricky Frazer (Velindre) - Management and challenges of immunotoxicities

14th December 2021 - Breast Cancer

  • Dr Sacha Howell (Christie) - Preventive therapies for breast cancer
  • Dr Emma Woodward (Christie) - Breast cancer clinical genetics for medical oncologists

18th January 2022 - Colorectal Cancer

  • Dr Naureen Starling (Royal Marsden) - Early colorectal cancer and ctDNA
  • Dr Jenny Seligmann (University of Leeds) - Metastatic colorectal cancer and advanced disease trials

15th February 2022 - ACP and APM Joint Webinar on Palliative Medicine in Cancer

  • Dr Pauline Leonard (Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust) - An overview of palliative oncology
  • Dr Eilidh Burns (Beatson WoSCC) - Complex pain and interventional pain management in cancer

15th March 2022 - Head and Neck Cancers

  • Dr Andrew McPartlin (Christie Hospital) - Radical treatment in head and neck cancer, including proton beam therapy
  • Dr Rob Metcalf (Christie Hospital) - Chemotherapy and immunotherapy in recurrent/metastatic head and neck cancer

19th April 2022 - HPB Cancers

  • Dr Mairead McNamara (Christie Hospital) - Updates in the treatment of biliary tract cancer
  • Dr Richard Hubner (Christie Hospital) - Updates in the treatment of hepatocellular cancer

17th May 2022 - Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs)

  • Dr Mohid Khan (University Hospital, Wales) - Current approaches to Gastroenteropancreatic (GEP) NETs
  • Dr Angela Lamarca (Christie Hospital/Fundacion Jimenez Diaz University Hospital, Madrid) - Lung Neuroendocrine Tumours - Current Management  

22nd June 2022 - Genomics

  • Prof Chrissie Thirlwell (Exeter) - How the 100K genomes project led to the NHS Genomic Medicine service
  • Dr Debashis Sarker (GSTT) - The Genomic Medicine Service for Cancer and the work of the Genomics Tumour Advisory Board

19th July 2022 - Skin Cancers

  • Dr Ricky Frazer (Velindre) - Melanoma
  • Dr Jo Ocen (Velindre) - Non-melanoma skin cancer

16th August 2022 - Prostate Cancer

  • Dr Hilary Glen (Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre) - Advanced prostate cancer
  • Dr Alison Tree (Royal Marsden/ICR) - Early prostate cancer

27th September 2022 - Gynae Cancers

  • Dr Michelle Lockley (UCLH) - Female germ cell tumours
  • Dr Rowan Miller (UCLH) - Treatment of high grade serous ovarian cancer

18th October 2022 - Upper GI Cancers

  • Professor Was Mansoor (Christie) - Management of Early Upper GI Cancers
  • Dr Naureen Starling (Royal Marsden) - Management of Advanced Upper GI Cancers

13th December 2022 - Geriatric Oncology

  • Dr Nicolò Battisti (Royal Marsden) - Geriatric oncology, and management of older patients with breast cancer 
  • Dr Cassandra Ng (Manchester) - Assessing the older patient with cancer- a geriatrician's perspective
  • Dr Jessica Pearce (University of Leeds) - Frailty assessment and management in cancer care: upcoming national guidance

24th January 2023 - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Dr Adam Januszewski - Systemic therapies in early lung cancer
  • Dr Alastair Greystoke - Advances with targeted therapies

21st February 2023 - Rare Tumours

  • Dr David Gilligan - Thymoma/Thymic Carcinoma
  • Professor Michael Seckl - Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

18th April 2023 - Cell Therapies

  • Dr Andrew Furness - Introduction to cell-based approaches for solid tumours
  • Professor Fiona Thistlethwaite - TCR, CAR-T and future directions

16th May 2023 - Cancer Drugs Funding and Health Economics

  • Dr Peter Hall (Edinburgh) - Basic introduction to healthcare economic concepts, as applied to cancer
  • Dr David Meads (Leeds) - The NICE approach and updates on the Cancer Drug Fund

20th June 2023 - Breast Cancer

  • Dr Jo Cliff (Clatterbridge) - Breast cancer in young women

5th July 2023 - Careers and Training in Medical Oncology (full recording here)

15th August 2023 - Colorectal Cancer

  • Professor Jenny Seligmann (Leeds) - Advanced colorectal cancer
  • Dr Chris Williams (Leeds) - Localised colon cancer

17th October 2023 - Brain Metastases

  • Dr Vinton Cheng (Birmingham) - Systemic treatment for brain metastases (focus on breast cancer)
  • Dr Jennifer King (Manchester) - Radiotherapy for brain metastases

21st November 2023 - CUP

  • Dr Sally Clive (Edinburgh) - Presentation, diagnosis and standard of care treatments in CUP
  • Dr Kai-Keen Shiu (UCL, London) - Genetic analysis, novel treatments and novel findings in CUP

16th January 2024 - COVID-19 in Oncology - where are we in 2024?

  • Dr Lance Turtle, University of Liverpool

20th February 2024 - Biliary Tract Cancers

  • Dr Rille Pihlak (Barts)
  • Dr Melissa Frizziero (Christie)

26th March 2024 - Small cell lung cancer

  • Dr Alastair Greystoke (Newcastle)
  • Dr Amin Ali (Lancs)