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Acute Oncology Workshop & Trainees Weekend 2023

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This meeting brings together a panel of multidisciplinary speakers to address some of the dilemmas faced by everyone working in Acute Oncology. There is a focus on how acute oncology fits into the curriculum and the current NHS landscape and how cancer professionals can work together to keep patients safe during these challenging times. In addition to talks on patient pathways and leadership of acute oncology services, there are practical and interactive MDT sessions discussing the management of oncology-related emergencies and some difficult clinical scenarios

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Acute Oncology - challenges and opportunities
Friday 10 November 2023

Venue: Hilton Leeds City Hotel, Leeds.

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Friday 10 November 2023

0930 Registration with coffee  
1000  Welcome and introduction - Prof Andrew Wardley and Dr Hilary Williams/Caroline Wilson  
1010 Session 1
Plenary (Bagshawe) Lecture: What can cancer do to support urgent care recovery?
Dr Tim Cooksley, Society for Acute Medicine
1040 COFFEE  
1100 Session 2
Alternatives to the front door: SDEC and virtual wards
Dr Caroline Wilson, Sheffield and Dr Rebecca Murphy, Acute Medicine
1120 Session 3
Cancer Hotlines: An opportunity to get it right first time?
Philippa Jones, UKAOS and UKONS
1140 Session 4
A new RCP Acute Oncology Toolkit for 2023
Dr Carys Phillips, Acute Medicine
1200 Questions and Panel Discussion
Dr Cooksley, Dr Phillips, Dr Murphy, Philippa Jones – Chair: Dr C Wilson
1330 Session 5
Breakout MDT sessions (25 mins each room with 5 min changeover)
(i) Pregnant, unwell and with cancer? Dr Melanie Nana (obstetric medicine fellow)
(ii) The acutely breathless cancer patient– what is the cause? (Disease, Drug or Infection in a world of COVID and Pneumonitis ADR) Dr Alison Stockbridge (respiratory physician)
(iii) Bowel obstruction (Is there an alternative to the hospital bed?): Dr Zena Salih and Christie CAReGO team
1455 COFFEE  
1515 Session 6
What acute oncology model works for your region - an interactive session to discuss the best and most sustainable models of acute oncology services around the UK
Chair: Dr Hilary Williams

Dr Anna Mullard, Dr Kate Young, Naomi Clatworthy and Katie Hudson

1615 Close of session Dr Hilary Williams and Dr Jenny Cotton  
1630 Meeting Close & drinks reception  


ACP Trainees Weekend 2023
Saturday 11 November - Sunday 12 November 2023

SpeakersClick here to view the speaker biographies.

Programme: Click here to download the programme.


Saturday 11 November 2023

0930 Registration with tea & coffee  
0950  Welcome and introduction
Trainee organisers
1000 Session 1
Advances in targeted therapies in breast cancer
Professor Andrew Wardley
1040 Session 2
Management of bone metastases
Miss Karen Shepherd
1120 COFFEE  
1140 Session 3
Managing late effects of SACT
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown
1220 Session 4
Prognostication in the palliative patient
Dr Seamus Coyle
1400 Session 5
Acute Oncology Fellowships and career opportunities in AO- examples and lessons learned
Dr Michael Tilby & Dr Andrew Viggars
1445 Session 6
Oncology career in a DGH
Dr Anna Mullard
1530 COFFEE  
1550 Session 7
Role of Oncology in Advanced Care Planning - see it, say it, share it
Dr Ashling Lillis  
1630 Close of session. Summary and feedback  
1930 Dinner and prize evening
After-dinner speaker: Professor Helena Earl

Sunday 12 November 2023

0930 Registration with tea & coffee  
0945 Session 1
ACP Trainees committee and opportunities
Presentation: Dr Jenny Cotton
1030 Session 2
Acute oncology and our curriculum
Discussions from trainees and survey results from Dr Andrew Viggars
Presentation: Dr Andrew Viggars
1115 COFFEE  
1135 Session 3
McElwain Prize (translational): Dr Jonathan Lim
McElwain Prize (clinical): Dr lk Shin Chin
1235 Session 4
Dr Jonathan Lim
1245 Close of session. Summary and feedback
Dr Jenny Cotton