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ACCIA - Clinical Impact Awards 2022

ACP members should be aware of the recent major rebranding and restructuring of the national awards in England and Wales, with changes made to the 2022 round to increase the number of awards, with a focus on improving equality and diversity.  The Clinical Impact Awards recognise and reward consultants who can provide clear evidence of clinical excellence, by demonstrating achievements over-and-above what they would be expected to deliver within their job plan, and who lead the way in their commitment to deliver and improve high quality patient care in the NHS.

Some of the significant changes to the 2022 round include the following:

  • only one online application needs to be submitted for scoring
  • you can only have one ranking and one citation from one relevant national nominating organisation (NNO) - the ACP is an NNO - you can select up to two NNOs in your draft application, however only one can support the final application.  There are no third party citations.
  • new awards only (awards will be held for 5 years) - there are no renewals - with all applications now scored against the same criteria (you no longer apply for a specific award level)

For more information on the changes and how to apply, please read the ACCIA applicants' guides on the ACCIA website and it is also suggested that you refer to the guidance on the BMA website, which provides some further advice for those who already hold a national or local award and any transitional arrangements and potential financial implications.

The ACP, as the specialist society for Medical Oncology, is registered with the ACCIA as a National Nominating Organisation (NNO) so will be supporting applicants for awards.  This is a competitive process and there is a strict limit on the number of consultants who the ACP can support (significantly lower than in previous years).   

In addition to completing an online application within the ACCIA portal, in order to be considered for ACP support, please submit the following by the ACP closing date of 27th May 2022, and email to Alison Norton:

  • ACCIA Application form
  • Brief CV
  • Draft personal citation (max 150 words), to highlight national contributions to oncology and the wider NHS, in addition to the ACP.  This citation will be used as a basis for a citation should your application receive ACP support. 

Following review by an ACP sub-committee, applications will be ranked and citations prepared for those applicants that the ACP is able to support.    Please note that it is your responsibility to submit your application via the ACCIA portal by the final closing date of 22nd June 2022, as the ACP ranking and citation can only be uploaded once your application has been submitted.