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Chemotherapy (SACT) Protocols

Chemotherapy (SACT) Protocols: If you are developing or updating protocols at your centre here are some sites where you can find protocols already in use.

# Web Link
1 British Columbia Cancer Agency
  This excellent source of chemotherapy protocols and patient information from the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) is something UK networks could aim for.
2 Cancer Care Ontario
  Another excellent source of chemotherapy protocols, and drug information from Canada, this time Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).
3 Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
  Chemotherapy protocol book plus other useful guidance.
4 Royal Surrey County Hospital Protocols
  Detailed protocols from St Luke's Cancer Centre. Includes some useful supportive care protocols for management of common toxicities.
5 electronic Medicines Compendium
  Comprehensive database of drug information including both summaries of product characteristics (SPCs), and patient information leaflets (PILs)
6 London Cancer Alliance Chemotherapy Protocols
  For West and South London
7  London Cancer Guidelines
  Guidelines for cancer services in North and East London organised by tumour pathway board.
8 South West Strategic Clinical Network Protocols
  Updated protocols from SWSCN. Further protocols are under development.
9 East Midlands Cancer Network Protocols
  Policies and guidelines including training materials.
10 Northern England SCN Protocols
  Protocols are within the network site-specific groups
11 London Cancer Expert Reference Group
  Wide range of policies and guidelines from dosing in obesity to fertility advice.
12 Thames Valley Chemotherapy Guidelines and Protocols
  Includes comprehensive advice and protocols.
13 UK Chemotherapy Board
  The Chemotherapy Board provides guidance, oversight and support for the continuing development of chemotherapy services in the UK.
14 National Standardised Consent Forms for SACT (systemic and cancer therapy)
  Endorsed by the National Chemotherapy Board. Your department might want to consider using these. Otherwise provide additional information for patients.
15  Complimentary therapies and interactions with chemotherapy
  The Specialist Pharmacy Service has prepared some advice on complementary therapies and alternative medicines (CAMs) and their potential interactions with chemotherapy