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Computing, IT, and Mobiles

Computing and IT: Recommended software and other useful stuff for your computer or mobile device.

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1 Password Safe
  Having problems remembering all the passwords you need to login online? Create a secure, encrypted list of usernames and passwords using this free software.
2  CCleaner
  Use this simple software to clean out old unused files from your Windows computer to make more room. It can also clean up the registry and may speed up the system.
3  Backup Software
  Of course you regularly backup your computer. You wouldn't want to lose all that work, music and photos. Windows has some software built in which is OK but this software by Macrium is more powerful. You can copy the entire harddrive so that if it fails you can just put everything back onto a new one. Hard drives do fail, particularly when they get to 4 or 5 years old.
4 Encryption for USB drives
  If you have private data on your USB flash drive you will probably want it encrypted in case you lose the drive. A common problem is that most encryption software will not function on work PCs unless you have administrator rights. This software gets round it brilliantly as you can run it direct from the drive itself. It is free, easy to use, and allows you to hide files in a partition of up to 2Gb. Recommended.
5 Synchronise data with USB Drive
  You might want to synchronise the data on your USB drive with that on your home or work PC. To ensure that the most recent versions are kept you can use SyncToy, a free utility from Microsoft.


New App to assist in managing Cancer Emergencies

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A great new free app is available now for iOS and Android. It should help improve the safe management of  patients with cancer and so is highly recommended. It’s free to download now on iOS or Android devices. Search for “Acute Oncology Support”. Velindre Cancer Centre along with cancer specialists across Wales has developed a mobile application to help NHS staff t...