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1  RCP: Guide to the speciality - Medical Oncology
  Consultant Physicians Working with Patients provides comprehensive information for healthcare commissioning and service organisation of 28 medical specialties within the UK.  It was superceded in 2017 by an online resource Medical Care.
2  Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board
  A constantly moving field as various reorganisations keep taking place. Training in medical specialties is now organised by this body which has arisen from a merger of PMETB and the GMC
3  Curriculum for Medical Oncology
  New Medical Oncology Training Curriculum 2017
The new medical oncology curriculum will affect all new trainees from 2nd August 2017 and those who are not within 18 months of CCT. There are now 42 months of mandatory rotations (compared to 36 previously) and there is greater emphasis on genomics and cancer in the elderly. This will also impact the structure of the SCE examination in medical oncology. This curriculum removes the option for dual training in medical oncology and general internal medicine (although all curriculums will be under review as part of shape of training. Further information can be found on the JRCPTB website. Issues regarding the impact of academic trainees to fulfil the new curriculum have been highlighted.
4  RCP on Medical Oncology
  The Medical Oncology page at the Royal College of Physicians
5  Education & Training from the GMC
  General information on postgraduate medical training in the UK, by the General Medical Council
6  Specialty Certificate Examination in Medical Oncology
  Information from the MRCP UK about the examination taken by all trainees.
7 Why Choose Medical Oncology - Expert Perspective
8  Why Choose Medical Oncology - Trainee Perspective
  Experts and Trainees at the ACP immunotherapy workshop speaking to ecancer about personal, professional and patient-led experiences that led them to choose specialising in medical oncology.