Representing and supporting medical oncologists in the UK

What is the ACP?

You may not have heard of the ACP or wonder how its work benefits you.

The ACP is recognised by the Royal College of Physicians and the Department of Health as the specialty association for medical oncologists. The executive committee is made up of democratically elected clinicians representing the views and concerns of the membership. Membership of the ACP gives medical oncologists an independent voice in the affairs of the Royal College of Physicians, the Joint Collegiate Council for Oncology (JCCO) and the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC), who supervise training and accreditation.

Through this, we:

  • Promote the views and interests of medical oncologists to the DoH and RCP
  • Influence policy on consultant expansion
  • Develop training curricula and the upcoming specialty examination
  • Participate in NICE appraisal and guideline development
  • Encourage the development of best practice to benefit patients
  • Nominate members for National Clinical Excellence Awards

We organise yearly educational meetings for trainees (Cancer Physicians in Training), and new consultants (New Consultants Group). There is an annual AGM which takes place at the NCRI Cancer Conference. There are four committee meetings per year. Recent subjects addressed include: Revalidation, the NCEPOD report, NCAG, elearning, workforce, top-up payments, national audit of neutropaenic sepsis, the NCRI Cancer Conference, and National Clinical Excellence Awards.