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ACP Events

ACP October Events, Renaissance City Centre Hotel, Manchester
Friday 11th October and Saturday 12th October 2019

There is no charge for ACP members to attend.

Cancer and Fertility Study Day 2019
Friday 11th October

As medical oncologists we continue to see significant and gratifying improvements in cancer treatment outcomes, and the prospect of long-term survival and cure is now a reality in many cancers.  Infertility, however, after treatment remains one of most common long-term consequences of cancer treatment.  This study day will explore the impact of cancer treatments on both female and male fertility, with talks from our gynaecology colleagues on approaches to the management of fertility preservation and pregnancy after cancer treatment.  In addition to talks by leading specialists in the field, there will be case history examples and opportunities to contribute to panel discussions.

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ACP Trainees' Conference 2019
Friday 11th October and Saturday 12th October 2019

This year’s event has a new format: everyone is invited to attend the ACP Cancer and Fertility Study Day taking place on the Friday, which will be followed by a trainees’ welcome reception, drinks and dinner in the evening. Saturday will consist of a full day off talks, starting at 10am and concluding at 5pm.

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Complimentary Friday night accommodation is offered to trainees and can be booked via the registration site. If you wish to stay additional nights at the conference hotel, please click here to book directly.

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