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Cancer Patients in Crisis: Responding to Urgent Needs - NEW REPORT

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Emergency admissions for patients with cancer remain problematic despite the development of acute oncology.  There is more that could be done to improve their care and subsequent experiences and outcomes.

A joint RCP/RCR working party was established in 2010 to review the experiences of patients with cancer who become acutely unwell and need urgent help and advice; to identify the obstacles to good care across all care settings, and to consider how both patient experience and the outcome of care might be improved where indicated.

This new report Cancer patients in crisis: responding to urgent needs (no longer available to download) provides decision making tools for health professionals and proposes standards of good practice in different care settings which should reduce risk and improve outcomes.

The full report (no longer available to download) is supplemented by a Patient Emergency Planning Wallet (no longer available to download), a Decision Aid for Hospital Teams (no longer available to download), and a Decision Aid for Community Teams (no longer available to download).

Medical oncology was well represented on the Working Party by Dr Janine Mansi, and she now asks that the documents are disseminated widely to your colleagues.