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Acute Oncology Annual Update

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This meeting organised by Peter Selby took place in Leeds on the 23rd March 2010. It was kindly supported by Amgen and Sanofi-Aventis. The focus was on the development of Acute Oncology services in response to the NCEPOD and NCAG reports. Other areas covered included the management of carcinoma of unknown primary; this dovetails with acute oncology services and will be addressed in upcoming NICE guidance. In addition delegates were given updates on critical care, cardiology, renal medicine and bone marrow transplantation. The main presentations are included here for download as pdfs. I have also included related presentations from the New Consultants Group meeting. UPDATE 17.05.2010: NEW PRESENTATIONS ONLINE. VIDEOS TO COME SOON.

The speakers have kindly allowed publication of their slides for reference.

Meeting Agenda

NCEPOD - what did it tell us and how should medical oncology change? - Prof. Peter Clark

Acute Oncology background & drivers - Dr Tim Perren

Acute Oncology - the major issues in a large centre - Dr Tim Perren / Dr Geoff Hall

Acute Oncology - the major issues in a DGH - Dr Chris Bradley

Acute Oncology - service provision in small cancer centres - Dr Ernie Marshall

Neutropenic sepsis - Dr Ernie Marshall

Unknown Primary Cancers - Dr Richard Osborne

Critical Care in Oncology Patients - Dr Stuart Murdoch

Modern Cardiological Support for the Acute Oncology Patient - Dr Chris Plummer

Acute Renal Failure in the Oncology Patient - Dr Andrew Lewington

Update for Oncologists on Bone Marrow Transplantation - Dr Gordon Cook

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