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Understand acute oncology with new e-learning course

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A new innovative acute oncology e-learning course has been developed to help ensure that appropriate training and education is provided to a broad range of healthcare professionals dealing with cancer emergencies. Acute oncology is a new area of cancer medicine which focuses on the management of patients with complications of their cancer diagnosis and/or treatment as well as those with a new acute cancer diagnosis. It has been deemed mandatory that all hospitals in England must have an acute oncology service, and that appropriate training should be provided for a range of medical and nursing staff in emergency departments and the associated acute medical unitsAcute Oncology for the Healthcare Professional allows users to understand what acute oncology is, and how to manage the most common and important oncology emergencies and conditions, such as neutropenic sepsis and metastatic spinal cord compression. This will improve the quality of care given to oncology patients and will ensure compliance with current peer review criteria.
The objectives of the course are:

  • To understand what acute oncology is, and why it has developed
  • To recognise the most common and most important oncology emergencies and initiate appropriate management
  • To know what acute oncology services are provided by the relevant local hospital and appreciate when and how to contact them
  • To know the regional acute oncology services for metastatic spinal cord compression.

The key audience for the e-learning course includes both doctors and nurses within the emergency department (ED), acute medical and surgical units, and on the medical and oncology wards, including:

  • ED staff and trainees
  • Emergency medicine (EM) staff and trainees
  • Core medical trainees (CMTs)
  • General medicine staff and trainees
  • Primary care trainees (although the focus is mainly on the secondary care management)

The course was developed by Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust (CWFT) in partnership with the London Cancer Alliance (LCA), by Dr Tom Newsom-Davis, Chair of the LCA Acute Oncology Pathway Group and consultant oncologist at CWFT. It reflects national standards of care as well as international regulations.

Acute Oncology for the Healthcare Professional is available to individuals and organisations. Discounts are available for organisations depending on the type and size of the organisation and number of participants.
For further details about how to access the course please contact Jonathan Giallanzo, Swank HealthCare at
[email protected]