Representing and supporting medical oncologists in the UK

Careers Advice

Promotion of Medical Oncology to Undergraduates and Junior Doctors

The ACP has been engaged with ongoing work to promote medical oncology to undergraduates and junior doctors. Events within the NHS and contract has seen a reduction in applications to many medical specialties. In order to continue to attract the best applications to medical oncology the Executive have been part of a number of initiatives which we hope will promote awareness of medical oncology.

These have included:

1. Attendance at national careers fairs (RCP London, Royal Society of Medicine)

2. Engagement with the British Oncology Network for Undergraduate Societies (BONUS) and helping support their inaugural national conference

3. Undergraduate and Postgraduate essay prizes

We have developed a package of promotional materials (Poster, handout and slide set for local careers events) - which we would encourage you to use when teaching junior doctors or if you have any interested students.

The BONUS society have organised an excellent conference, at which the ACP had representation, and is ideal for junior doctors also - so please encourage juniors to attend if they are interested. View the programme here.

Please get in touch if you need any further support to help promote Medical Oncology to junior members of your team.

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